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About Me

ellen kate malpas

Hi, I’m Ellen! I’m a game audio professional based in London, with a particular passion for how dialogue and voice design can bring a game's story and world to life!


Personally, I am fascinated by the different ways that a dialogue system or voice treatment can instantly connect with players and immerse them in a game’s narrative. My time working at Frontier Developments has confirmed to me that nothing makes more of an impact than the human voice (whether that’s human/monster/cute fluffy creature/etc etc).


I am fluent with Reaper, Wwise, FMOD and both Unreal Engine and Unity as tools for sound design and implementation, as well as being familiar with some proprietary software.


At present, I am seeking junior/full-level positions that will allow me to continue to hone my skills, as well as looking to work with likeminded people who are share my passions for voice, sound and games. Please get in touch if you think I’d be a good fit!

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