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About Me

ellen kate malpas

I am a highly imaginative and capable sound designer with aspirations of working in the video game industry.

After achieving a first class degree in Music at the University of Birmingham, I have now completed my Masters in Music and Sound for Film and Games at the University of Hertfordshire, with my major project focussed on video game sound design.

I am fluent with Reaper, FMOD and Unity as tools for sound design and implementation, and am currently working on expanding my knowledge of Wwise and Unreal Engine.

In my time outside of academic work, I have built up a wide range of experience working on creative teams. My previous work musically directing multiple theatre productions at University has left me confident in my abilities as a committed, self-motivated and imaginative individual, who can thrive in both collaborative and solo artistic settings. After my Masters, I acted as the audio producer for a team in the Women In Games Jam, which confirmed that this is the direction I would like to pursue in the future.

At present, I am seeking junior-level positions that will allow me to continue to hone my skills, as well as looking to work with likeminded people who are share my passions for sound and games.

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